Gonzo at the Baltic Sea 




Hi everybody! My name is GONZO NO! and this is for all my English barking friends. 




My tin openers, Birgit and Sigi, decided to have a week off, spending a wellness holiday at the Baltic Sea. I like wellness very much, yippiieee!



They booked a nice suite for me at hotel Haferland and the first thing I did upon arrival at Wieck was testing the dog chair in my living room.




The chair was quite comfortable but I was in need of a long walk. While Birgit studied the map I was looking for frogs, cats and bikers.




I don't know how, but Birgit found a lot of water which tasted rather salty. Very funny - I felt thirsty, I had lots of water, but I could not drink it!




All my tin openers offered me was a portion of mouldy old sea grass!




The other day my parents, Birgit and Sigi, rented two bikes just to be able to follow me! Imagine, they have such long legs in comparisn to mine but they still need bicycles to be as fast as me...


Birgit had a very nice black bike, but I was in stitches when I saw the one of Sigi!!! It looked like the one of Sigi's grandmother and even Sigi looked like his grandmother riding this funny bike. And there was an odd little basket mounted to the frame. Suddenly Sigi seized me, placed me into this basket and closed the grid - I was trapped in jail!!




Sitting in this silly basket was not really a pleasure when Sigi hobbled over the old East German concrete roads. But after a few kilometers I was allowed to escape from my mobile prison and I had to continue by foot - for another 15 kilometers!


Finally we arrived at the Northern coast with salty water again. I discovered some delicious birds but I hate becoming wet! So I agreed with the offered fish.





Next day we hobbled to the port of Born and made a boat tour in the Saaler Bodden. The sky was full of clouds and the wind was cold.





I felt pretty cold and asked Sigi for a nice and warm place where I could stay for the rest of the tour.




Sigi found a warm place for me - sometimes I like him...




I was glad when the boat returned to the port and I could walk back to my hotel.


They other day, early in the morning, I was packed again into the jail basket and we hobbled to the West coast this time. My parents seemed to have gone crazy. They forced me to walk in the beach in stormy and rainy weather! They know very well that I hate getting wet!




Back at Ahrenshoop I found a pretty girl with long hair and I liked her very much! After a few kisses we were torn apart and I never saw her again...



Anyway, wherever we went, we always arrived at a beach! I felt like Robinson Crusoe on his lonely island...




Now this very beach was full of tiny and funny houses made of branches.




We occupied one of them and had a wonderful view over the tossing sea.




I made God send the rain to Africa, so we could stay there all the afternoon and enjoy the sun at the Baltic Sea!




And look, what a wonderful and authentic souvenir I brought back home to Bavaria!